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No.18 I am here to say hi.Nice to meet you hear. 返信
[ 2012/11/22(Thu) 21:54:42 ] stopyivoste [ Home ]
I am here to say hello to every person.
Pleased to join you here.

No.17 I am here to say hi.Pleased to join you hear. 返信
[ 2012/11/17(Sat) 00:35:12 ] stopyivoste [ Home ]
I am here to say hi to every one.
Glad to meet you here.

No.16 Hello every person. 返信
[ 2012/11/16(Fri) 10:11:59 ] Noiddigma [ Home ]
I'm here to say hello to each one.
I am freshman here. I'll highly appreciate your help.
Thank you

No.15 Hi, Every one 返信
[ 2012/10/20(Sat) 12:11:18 ] geastiniaffen [ Home ]
Hello, Each person
I'm freshman here.I Will greatly appreciate all your assist.
Many thanks

No.14 Glad to meet each person here 返信
[ 2011/08/30(Tue) 16:21:00 ] MerilynMelo [ Home ]
Happy to meet everyone here.
Have a nice day.

No.8 BBSについて 返信
[ 2009/09/22(Tue) 21:53:04 ] B_crack



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